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The Honeycomb blinds derive from the hive inspiration. Honeycomb, as a result of its polygon superimposed construction, breeds infinite beauty, it will get the most support whereas maintaining the minimum quality, not solely solid and light-weight however additionally sound-absorbing and breathable, it's perpetually win "the world's most good building" name and so receive abundant attention by the planning community. The Honeycomb cloth, with an art movement look, wonderful performance, and its temperament is additionally the pursuit of easy and trendy life.

Best quality guaranteed honeycomb shade fabric manufacturer in China.



Our Honeycomb shades fabric area unit specifically designed to be energy economical. What will that mean for you? It means our shades facilitate keep your home cooler within the summer and hotter within the winter.

This causes you to more well-off AND saves you money! will a mini-blind do that? we have a tendency to don’t assume this. In fact, a Harvard study found that mini-blinds will build an area even colder within the winter than if there was nothing on the window at all!


HONEYCOMBI is one in all the earliest honeycomb blinds fabric makers in China. we've been being specialized in giving numerous quality honeycomb blinds fabric since 2010. The simplest service and reasonable price are our main characteristics. Welcome to shop for the prime quality and discount honeycomb blinds fabric with HONEYCOMBI.


We are a pioneer in the production of high-quality peak honeycomb shades fabrics in China. During the 8 years of development, we focus on the production of honeycomb fabrics, because we believe that this kind of energy-saving and eco-friendly shades must be the future trend. It will replace most of the traditional shades.


Our raw materials are all imported from South Korea and Japan. We could be completing the whole processes of producing i.e. compounding, cutting, dyeing, gluing, heating, etc., therefore we can control the production process very well to avoid in case of any Imperfect defect happened, which guarantees that we can provide stable high-quality products and control the price of the products in a competitive range.

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Cell shades are the ideal expansion to you home. This is because of the control they give you over the disposition and feel of each room in your home. Custom honeycomb shades are the best alternative for the windows in your home. Window cell shades are astounding protectors and accessible as either single cell shades or twofold cell shades. Ordinarily, twofold cell shades or room obscuring/power outage cell shades are the best separators. 

Cordless honeycomb shades are an extraordinary method to improve the look of your home at a value you can bear. Some honeycomb window shades are produced using an interesting texture that enables you to keep up your protection while as yet giving light come access. While other honeycomb shades gloat material that obstructs all outside enlightenment. With this many light control alternatives, you can make sure your custom honeycomb shades decision will accommodate your particular needs.



Honeycomb shades are best known for their vitality sparing properties yet, in addition, offer a wide exhibit of adaptable choices. Honeycomb shades get their name and protecting the force from their honeycomb shape that traps air between the window and the room, buffering against warmth misfortune in winter and warmth gain in summer.

Twofold cell shades offer most extreme protection. Light sifting or power outage textures give protection and light control decisions in a wide cluster of hues, surfaces, and even examples. Redo your honeycomb shade with different style and size. 



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